Buds Of Barley

Budweiser has been brewing its beers with 100% clean electricity that they generate in their wind farms in Oklahoma. The farm generates more electricity than needed for brewing. The challenge is, to find how to best utilize this excess clean electricity produced at the wind farm.
IDEA: "Every Beer you drink is Budweiser" 
Budweiser donates this excess clean energy to power all barley farms across America.
Every bud of barley is powered by the King, making Budweiser the true ‘King of all American beers’.


Assorted Bud Pack - is a collection of Budweiser's competitors’ beer bottles, that brew their beer using barley grown in America. It’s Budweiser disguised in their competitors bottles, to show the brands powered by Budweiser. 
packaging back.png
Coasters- that tell every American beer you drink has been knighted by the King.
Out of Home- that pranks American brewed beers on behalf of the King.
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CW- Rohit Wani, Saloni Mittal
AD- Hiatrthy Shah
Graphis- Honorable Mention